Companies are people. Brands are systems of shared beliefs between brands and consumers. Markets are dialogs to build preferences.

At Dialogs&Beyond we help our clients to attract, understand and enhance the dialogue between their Stakeholders. We carefully select partners to deliver global portfolio of services in areas of innovation such as:

    • Mobile Research with OnePoint Global
    • Applied Neuroscience with Why5 Research
    • Strategic Marketing Consulting with Sevendots
    • … and an own Research and Qualitative Analysis team

We believe in horizontal structures, selecting the best network of professionals and resources for each project. Besides, we use the most innovative technology, adapted to the needs of the customer. 


Enrique Domingo




Dialogs& Beyond, as a company in continuous growth, we have some profiles in a permanent selection process throughout the year. In addition, depending on the number of projects or searching for specific profiles, we can open specific processes with a limited duration in time.

Permanent processes:
  • Business Development
  • Digital Researcher (qual+quant integrator)
  • Project Manager (3 years of experiencie)
  • Sales Support

If you think that you can bring us significant added value and we regret it if you are not part of this team, send us a document explaining why we should hire you. Please, attach an updated CV at Convince us and we will contact you. We will continue the dialogue.


At Dialogs&Beyond, we are constantly working with Media (opinion columns, articles, research papers or interviews). For your convenience, we offer you such as materials:



Fact Sheet




CEO Pics


- Press Release (June 2014): “Dialogs&Beyond, a new Market Research agency is born.” (download PDF)

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