“The important thing is not to stop questioning”

Albert Einstein

“Research is a journey through the speech”

Jesús Ibáñez

“There is nothing permanent, except change”


“One cannot not communicate”

Paul Watzlawick

“If I have a dollar and you have a dollar and we exchange we will be even, but if I have an idea and you have an idea and we exchange you will have two ideas and I will have two ideas”

Thomas Jefferson

We are a global company, enriched with the knowledge of international partnerships to provide innovative portfolio of first class services.

At Dialogs&Beyond we help our clients to attract, understand and enhance the dialogue between their Stakeholders.

Dialogs&Beyond is MarketResearch and Customer Knowledge, adapted to the needs and challenges of companies and brands: Technology, Social Media, Mobile, Innovation and Neuroscience.

And Beyond…




onepointWe have created a partnership with OnePoint Global,the leading global research platform through mobile devices since 2006 with over 30,000 projects in 74 countries worldwide, serving 6 of the 7 Global Market Research agencies and Global Brands.

The platform is based on the ability of users in choosing the most appropriate method of response (SMS, web, email, keywords, QR codes, Apps, APIs,…) and the ability to interact with all kinds of devices and operating system.

OnePoint Global can manage projects in areas such as:

  • Mobile Voice of the Customer
  • Mobile Customer Satisfaction
  • Mobile Shopper Insight
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Day Tracking
  • Net Promoter Score
  • EFM (Enterprise Feedback Management)

why5We are Researchers. We understand the need of dialogue between consumers and brands. For this we use the best methodology that allows us to know that conversation, and listening we can extract the best operational knowledge. We believe in the intuitive research, we want to know what he thinks, what he says, what the consumer and brands feels. We always look for the most efficient methodology.

We do not have predefined formulas, we seek insights inspiring; we do not have a rigid plan, but we are rigorous. We believe in innovation, reinventing traditional research based on focus groups, interviews and surveys to the new digital landscape. We lead new ways of understanding people integrating new technologies with traditional research practice, such as:

  • Virtual Communities
  • Focus groups
  • Interviews
  • Bulletin  boards
  • Metaphores
  • Collages
  • Projectives Games
  • Online Diaries
  • Facilitation workshops
  • Operative Groups
  •  TGN

Our Applied NeuriScience partner is WHY5Research, a specialized diagnostic market research agency that reveals the hidden motivations in people’s choices towards brands, products, services and institutions by asking: why, who, what, where and when?

We offer tailor made qualitative and quantitative research: from in-depth understanding of people and their behaviour, to evaluation of ideas and tracking of marketing mix elements. To make our expertise directly available to our clients we involve them in each project from start to finish. Together we look at your problem, we build hypothesis, we share knowledge and we design the most efficient research process.

This is a result of more than 20 years of research and innovation.

  • Interactive groupsessions
  • In depth interviews (one on one)
  • Paired interviews
  • Co-creation sessions
  • Shopping experience research
  • In-home depth interviews
  • Immersion research
  • Online qualitative (bulletin boards, online interviewing, …)
  • Others

sevendotsOur Consulting Partner is Sevendots, an international company of exclusively senior professionals with hands-on experience and track records in management consultancy, strategic planning, marketing, innovation, research, digital media and retail.

There is an abundance of information, dispersed inside and outside organizations, from which one has to find the next opportunity. Consumers are in control: they influence the brand’s communication and their needs are shifting from products to relationships and experiences. Growth will come from opportunities outside the traditional core business; organizational alignment is fundamental to make opportunities happen.

Sevendots is different because it has a unique approach which combines the 3 critical steps required to find sustainable opportunities and make them work for the organization .

  • Simplify: develop a broad, 360º overview of the available information, connecting the dots up to the opportunity, in an iterative way.
  • Align all stakeholders behind it in a visual and inspiring way.
  • Co-elaborate the solution with stakeholders through a non-stop customer–centric approach”.


At Dialogs& Beyond we are constantly generating our own content or in collaboration with other researchers, partners or consultants.

The topics we use to discuss in Dialogs& Beyond are classified in several areas such as:

Leading marketing transformation in the 21st Century

Executive Overview 01

Executive Overview 02

Executive Overview 03

Customer Centric Organization - Alignment Programs/Voice of Employee

Executive Overview 01

Executive Overview 02

Executive Overview 03

Big Data and Advanced Analytics Dialogs&Beyond

Executive Overview 01

Executive Overview 02

Executive Overview 03

Technology and Client Engagement Dialogs&Beyond

Executive Overview 01

Executive Overview 02

Executive Overview 03

SocialMedia Challenges and Monitoring

Executive Overview 01

Executive Overview 02

Executive Overview 03

Customer Experience Management, Loyalty Measurement/Voice of Customer

Executive Overview 01

Executive Overview 02

Executive Overview 03

Each area offers you 3 Executive Overviews units as an example.

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Dialogs&Beyond Headquarters is located at Madrid (Spain) although our employees and partners are global.

Our address is Calle Huelva 8, 28002 Madrid (Spain)

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